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                                      APA 4438 / ASI 62195 / PPAI 183559 / UPIC IMAG0038
         • Available in various styles and sizes
         • Choice of 36 satin ribbon colors

           Navy  Blue  SapphireTurquoise Lt Blue Peacock  Red
                                                                                                in RWB*,
          Maroon Fuchsia  Rose  Pink  Neon   Lilac  Lavender                                    extra
                                   Pink                                                         charges

          Purple  Yellow  Lemon  Hot   Mustard  Irish   Cream
                            Yellow       Gold

          White  Gray  Black  Teal  Green  Dark   Hot
                                        Green  Green

         Lt Green Brown  Tan  Bronze  Orange  Hot   RWB*
                *Extra charges apply. Please see
                FAQs located on page 26.

         • Design options
         Over one thousand stock designs to use for FREE or for an
         additional charge (see page 26) use your own custom logo/design.
         See page 12 for a selection of stock designs or visit us online.
         • Custom printing

         Up to 10 lines, 14 characters per line including spaces.
         • Choice of 11 foil colors

         Gold is our standard and will be used unless otherwise specified.
         The first foil color is FREE; $3.00 each additional foil color.
                   Black   Blue  Bronze  Green  Orange
                   Purple  Red   Maroon  Silver  Teal

         • Border designs
         Stripes, Swimmer, Horse and Rider, Snaffle Bit and Paw Print borders
         (extra charges apply, see FAQs on page 26).

         Borders unavailable for 1-5/8" wide ribbon and smaller
         • Available record cards
         Record cards are attached to all ribbons with the exception of
         pinked and tape top ribbons.
         Available in Styles PB General Events, our standard, PA Timed
         Events and PS Swim Meets. PG Scored Events available for   Point Top Ribbons -
         point top ribbons only.
                                                          Hot Stamped
                                                          Point Top Ribbons with
                                    Ind. Medley  1000  Meters  Eyelet and String
             NAME                   Medley Relay
                        WON BY       800
             CLASS                           NAME         Style # Size
                        EVENT       Fly  500  Yards
                                  Date  Age Group  DATE
             EVENT                   400                  #131   1-5/8" x 6"
                        PLACE       Brst.
             AWARD                   200     SCORE
                        TIME         100  1650            #132   2" x 6"
                                      Back   EVENT
                        DATE         50
                                Won By     Meet   Time     Male        Free    Free Relay  25  1500  #133  2" x 8"
                                                          #134   2" x 10"
           Style PB   Style PA  Style PS   Style PG
         General Events  Timed Events  Swim Meets  Scored Events  #136  2-1/2" x 10"
                                       (point top ribbons only)
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